Through intelligent sequencing, our classes offer an accessible way to achieve ease in challenging postures with full steady breath. 


  The ease you find on your mat, over time, translates to finding ease in difficult conversations, big decisions or crazy Houston traffic. 

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To MOVE people in a way that is challenging both physically and mentally.  Asana is just one way we define movement.  By helping you discover your body and breath, our goal is to help you discover just how much you can move your thinking, goals, spiritual and emotional wellness towards the best and brightest version of yourself.  We aim to offer a supportive community that challenges people to create better families and futures for the community of Oak Forest, City of Houston and the Global Community we all belong to.

MOVE Yoga was created by two fearless mothers, Carissa Barcus and Mynette Murtagh Randall, who have a deep passion to serve their neighborhood by providing a space for families to experience connection and community through intelligent movement.

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