Intelligent Movement

We believe in moving the body in a way that not only prepares you to sit in stillness but also creates stillness in the business of your life.  It won’t always be appropriate to drop everything and get your meditation on but what if you could find calm in the chaotic moments life always seems to offer? Through intelligent sequencing, our classes offer an accessible way to achieve ease in challenging postures with full steady breath.  The ease you find on your mat, over time, translates to finding ease in difficult conversations, big decisions or crazy Houston traffic. 


Trusting your intuition is one of the most difficult things in our culture.  We are bombarded with information every day about how we should think and live.   At MOVE we hope to offer an environment that cultivates a deep inner listening so that you can get back to what is right for you.  You already know the answer to your biggest questions.  To hear them you must quiet the outside noise.


Finding your truth is your job as a human being in the world.  Living life within a distorted view of your own reality creates dis-ease in the mind and body.  Knowing you are in the right place, connected to the highest version of yourself and doing exactly what you are meant to be doing is what freedom looks like.  Once you find that freedom, love will flow through and all around you. That is every human being's true nature. 


Living life with love, vibrant faith and committed action is what we are all about at MOVE.  It is not always easy to stay true to this value and that is why it is so important.  The action of coming back again and again to what we truly believe and studying it along the way builds strength that is much deeper than physical power, it is a strength felt deep in the heart and soul of our being.  When devotion is well practiced, life starts to develop a richer, more colorful and balanced existence.  


Connection is the nectar of life.  Human beings simply cannot survive alone.  It is our experience that connection to one’s self is a requirement to connect with others to create our tribe.  It is our goal to create a community at MOVE.  We are not looking to have our members come in and out without knowing you, your family and your life.  We are here to support you through your journey to self-discovery.  MOVE Yoga was created simply through listening, sharing, and a support system between two mommas and their surrounding networks.  Our goal is to share our own journey with you, inspire you to share yours and create a web of connectedness.