Intentional Vinyasa

Intentional Vinyasa is heated, breath based class that guides you through a full spectrum, alignment based practice, challenging you physically and mentally.  You can expect mindful sequencing preparing you for an exciting peak pose along with a curated playlist and meaningful intention.  This class is suitable for all levels.  You will need water, a yoga mat, and a sweat towel, all of which is available to rent or purchase in studio. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and open!

Align & Flow

Align and flow is a non-heated class, suitable for all levels.  This class is intended to be informative in the areas of alignment and yoga philosophy working towards a peak pose through intelligent sequencing and using props to support you in your journey.  You will need water and a mat, we got you covered for the rest.  You will leave feeling grounded and strong!


Yin Yoga is a non-heated meditative practice designed for all levels.  Incorporating long holds and props you will open fascia, tendons and ligaments with the intention of reducing compression in the joints and improving flexibility.  Bring a mat, wear comfortable clothing and be ready to find a deep introspection leaving you feeling connected and rested. 

Flow & Restore

In this class you will explore moving through postures with intention, grace, and strength. This class will allow you to listen to your body through the marriage of breath and movement. This mindful flow will finish with restorative yoga postures that are long held and prop supported to bring ease, energy and respite into your busy schedule. This class is non heated.

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga is for all the little people in our lives.  Children are a joy in the world, and it is our intention to offer them, at an early age, all the benefits offered in our adult yoga classes.  Your child will practice asana through fun games, learn about stillness and what is means to be connected to your feelings.  Please bring your child in play clothing that you do not mind getting a little glitter on as class often includes a touch of creative art.  We recommend you bring your child their own water even though class is not heated, they will still work up a sweat!