our beginning

MOVE Yoga started when two mommas, Carissa Barcus and Mynette Murtagh Randall had an idea to have their children close to them while they did meaningful work they loved.  Family and community are crucial factors in our vision for this studio.  It is our deepest wish to help raise the next generation into mindful human beings with the support of our tribe.  We believe that everyone needs support from the littlest yogis to those well into their years.  Yoga, while an introspective practice at its core, creates the space of connectedness.  Through community and love we have found a deeper understanding of what it means to be of service.  We offer a space for learning about the way our individual bodies move, how breath can center us and how to open up to a deeper sense of self.  Through yoga we have learned to heal and because it worked for us we know it can work for you too.  With deep humility we are honored to share our experience with you.